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Sator wrapped its first year sponsoring at South by Southwest. The “Top SXSW Artists to Watch” presented by Sator delivered the festival’s best performances. Ausar, The Teeta, Carley Bearden, Diamante Perez, Moon Kissed, CatchTwentyTwo, MC Bravado, Kydd Jones and MC Bravado were recognized for their music, originality and sheer talent. These artists each have their own mini-metaverse in the Sator app where fans chat, rate, comment, play games and watch music videos to earn valuable $SAO tokens.

The artists hit the stage rocking Sator gear and gave shoutouts to Sator from stage. They blanketed Austin with Sator stickers covering the city from the convention hall to the dive bars on Congress Ave. Moon Kissed threw their fans Sator towels from the stage. Ausar wore a Sator shirt when he gave his most exciting performance. The Teeta had a photoshoot in the heart of Austin decked out in Sator swag and is planning an NFT drop with Sator. Diamante Perez performed a special acoustic set with the entire band wearing Sator gear.

SXSW was a huge success! We will definitely be back at SXSW next year. In the meantime, log into the Sator app and discover more about these new artists and their music. You will be seeing a lot more of them in the near future!

A few quotes from the artists:

CatchTwentyTwo — “As a creator, I love what Sator is doing! It allows my fans to earn SAO tokens and NFTs by engaging with my content which is awesome!”

Ausar — “Sator’s mission to bridge the gap of NFTs and crypto for artists is as exciting as it is innovative!”

The Teeta — “I believe Sator has great utility and potential and I look forward to working more with them. I really enjoyed that they gave my fans an opportunity to engage with my content as a way to earn crypto”

Kydd Jones — “Sator is doing a lot of exciting things in the web3 space and as an artist it’s great to see ways that our fans can monetize on their interest in different forms of media!”

Beauty School Dropout — “It’s really amazing how Web3 companies like Sator are paving the path for artists to reward and bridge the gap to their community by allowing ownership and involvement.”

Diamante Perez, The Teeta, Carly Bearden
Moon Kissed, Beauty School Dropout, Ausar




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