Sator Launches “SatorSpace” Web3 P2E Game

3 min readJun 30, 2022


Sator launched its new immersive, NFT-based game, “SatorSpace” on Google/Android today. The Sator mobile app now features this P2E game where players are able to play, earn, engage and utilize avatar NFTs while staying close to their favorite television, movies and music content.

This new game is Sator’s first NFT-based game milestone. As an immersive, NFT-based game born on planet Sator, light years away from planet Earth, SatorSpace teleports players to planet Sator into a gaming room that doubles as their personal NFT art gallery. Even the avatar is an NFT.

The default avatar is DJ Terrestrial wearing a $SAO Metaverse Mogul hoodie NFT. Soon players will be able to customize with 3D avatar NFTs from the Sator NFT marketplace. Certain 3D avatar NFTs will unlock special in-game features in an upcoming release. Players will also be able to personalize their room with other NFTs. Sator’s Solana-based NFT marketplace features NFTs from popular television, movies and music:

“The evolution of Web3 makes NFT-based games immensely exciting. Games like SatorSpace create extremely engaged communities and allows for entertainment options in a near limitless capacity,” said Sator’s CEO and Co-Founder, Isla Perfito.

In SatorSpace, a player’s avatar utilizes a gaming PC. Players may upgrade that PC. PC options range from Common, Rare, Super Rare, to Legend status. The rarer the PC, the more earning potential to win $SAO and advance in the game.

With its in-game PC, the avatar plays-and-earns inside fun road-cross-like games. Yes, your avatar has an avatar! For example, in the first level, DJ Terrestrial’s avatar must cross the galaxy, avoiding asteroids and incoming flying saucers. Successful in-game progress attracts more viewers (think Twitch). Then, the more viewers, the higher the rewards earnings.

Sator President and Co-Founder, Chris Martin notes, “Our aim is to create value for all the players in the SatorSpace where players have full control of their in-game assets, are able to take an active role in the game ecosystem and promote audience development.”

Sator welcomes new TV partners and creators to launch NFTs in the Sator marketplace where their inherent utility unlocks immersive 3D characters and flash game levels for a global audience, expanding linear content to Web3 and beyond. Those interested can join the whitelist to have content featured and engage with players.

To get started, you can download the Sator app on iOS and Android, or visit

SatorSpace Pro-Tip: Players who enter once every 12 hours can avoid energy downtime, and top up their electricity with $SAO. Skilled players gain viewers, $SAO and new levels of gaming clout.

About Sator: Sator is a Web3 entertainment network. Sator builds software infrastructure for media content rights holders expanding to Web3 at scale. Sator network includes a decentralized app and VR metaverse. Sator users play-and-earn or watch-and-earn with their favorite TV shows and movies. Sator empowers fans and distributors to align for the future of blockchain-based media experiences.



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