3 min readMay 2, 2023 Series A Catapults Valuation to USD $40 Million Web3 Network Completes Series A Initial Close

NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 2, 2023 — Corp, the world’s first Web3 streaming network, succeeded in the first close of its series A round which now values the company at USD $40 million.

Pioneering blockchain-based streaming content infrastructure, Sator expands popular film, television and gaming IP to Web3. Sator technology innovation spans mobile, desktop, virtual reality and Smart TV.

Post series A, Sator is set to launch its proprietary, disruptive, new technology: NFT-VOD. NFT-VOD stands for NFT-supported video-on-demand. NFT-VOD supplants analogue web2 models of AVOD (ad-based video-on-demand) and SVOD (subscription-based video-on-demand) currently plaguing OTT (over the top).

“Sator is proud to be the home of NFT-VOD,” explains Sator CEO, Isla Perfito. “Web3’s next billion adopters will come from a mass consumer application like Sator. That’s why our engineers focus on UX/UI and scalability.”

As audiences choose NFT-VOD streamers like Sator, rather than burn cash on subscriptions, they own the value they create by watching. Effectively, Sator evolves television to Web3 ownership economics.

“NFT-VOD technology built in-house to run Sator’s streaming channel is also an enterprise software product licensable to white label for web2 streamers expanding to Web3 revenue and distribution models,” explains Sator President, Chris Martin. “Streamers like HBO Max and Netflix can plug and play NFT-VOD at-scale to grow their business in Web3 turnkey.”

Sator’s series A syndicate comprises Web3’s most prominent investors, including VC3 DAO, the leading venture capital DAO composed of nearly 200 professional venture capitalists in 28 countries. “The OTT industry has accelerated over the last two decades creating tech-native solutions like Youtube, Netflix, and Twitch while forcing major strategic shifts in large corporations like Amazon, Disney, and HBO. However, this new business model has yet to engage users and consumers on a deeper level, and in fact this massive new stream of content seems to have only decreased consumer attention and stickiness while increasing the cost of production,” stated VC3 founder Jules Miller. “Sator gives content owners the ability to achieve meaningful and monetizable engagement with consumers by tapping into the power of the ownership economy.”

Also investing in this round, Rogue Women’s Fund Managing Partner, Caroline Lewis, said “we traditionally invest in Web2 SaaS and enterprise companies, but we saw the potential was unlocking for the traditional small and large media companies. They’re leveraging Web3 technology to engage viewers in what the consumer is viewing. It taps into the future intersection of traditional media, creator economy, and aligned incentives. The best part — the consumer and traditional studio don’t need to know anything about web3 — the result is a seamless interaction of higher engagement and collaboration between the studio and viewer.”

Adds another series A investor, Galia Benartzi of Bancor, “Sator has the potential to decentralize a vertical that has long been dominated by a few strong players. Giving viewers real ownership of the TV content they help popularize by viewing is another way blockchain can change stakeholder economics.”

About Sator

Sator network powers infrastructure technology for native Web3 entertainment content. Sator provides utility in popular television, film, music and brand metaverses throughout Sator mobile (iOS and Android), desktop and VR segments. Sator dApp empowers non-crypto-natives to collect, display and use NFTs. Leveraging strengths of multiple blockchains including Ethereum and Solana, Sator powers global entertainment for the Web3 era.



Sator is a Web3 media technology company that builds Web3 television infrastructure and open world metaverse games. Download Sator app!