Sator Desktop NFT Marketplace Is Now Live!

Hello Sator Gang! With the team traveling all over to promote and create more content for Sator and launching it to Saturn and beyond, we’ve had quite the start to 2022, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. Amongst a lot of big news and events such as adding new trending shows on the Sator app, new partnerships, metaverse parties, $SAO buyback, and more, one big piece of news we are very excited to announce is the launch of our official Sator desktop NFT marketplace on Solana!

Sator NFT Marketplace:

Over the past few months, the team has been working on making a user-friendly and efficient platform that is welcoming to our community and can support the future growth of Sator, Sator NFTs, and the Satorverse (Sator metaverse), and we couldn’t be more happy with the results.

As an environmentally friendly project that loves hugging trees and hates using gas, we have doubled down on our Solana love and built our marketplace on Solana, meaning we can all help save the environment, and your $SAO.

To commemorate our own marketplace, we have partnered it with the launch of our new Satorverse Guardians NFTs! As we are built on Solana, users who wish to buy a Satorverse Guardian(s) can do so by connecting their Phantom, Ledger, Sollet, Torus, Slope, and Solflare wallets. From there, the Sator wallet address must be selected and copied so that $SAO can be sent and deposited to the wallet. At the moment, users can only explore and buy Satorverse Guardians, but soon, you’ll be able to create, list, and sell your very own NFTs right on the Sator NFT marketplace!

Not sure how much $SAO to send to top up your wallet? Each Satorverse Guardian is only 100 SAO, and can be used not only to flex on your family and friends by setting it as your profile picture, but to passively mine SAO while you sit around watching Netflix, or even better yet, while playing on your Sator app. Additionally, owners of a Satorverse Guardian NFT will also have access to a private Discord room with other owners. The Satorverse Guardian NFTs will also grant owners entrance into the upcoming SAOchella event scheduled in Q4 2022.

With all the great things we’ve already been able to accomplish so far in 2022, we hope you’re all as excited as we are for what’s coming next. Make sure to keep it locked and join our Sator community by following our Twitter and joining the Sator Discord and Telegram!

Sator Social Media

Sator NFT Marketplace:



-- is a dApp that aligns the interests of content providers and content viewers over blockchain, providing engagement, staking and series-based NFTs.

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SATOR is a dApp that aligns the interests of content providers and content viewers over blockchain, providing engagement, staking and series-based NFTs.

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