Sator App is Live in the iOS App Store

The Sator app is now available in the iOS App Store!

In the Sator app, users to interact with popular content while collecting NFTs through in-app purchase. The app has seen a total of more than 150,000 downloads and over 25 million SAO in NFT transactions since launching its beta on TestFlight 7 months ago. During that same time period, Sator has entered into several new partnerships and added more original games to the platform.

The Sator app launched with all the features found in the beta — interactive games, an in-app wallet and staking features, and an NFT marketplace — as well as new ones. Now community members can enjoy an in-app NFT marketplace and a plethora of new games that allow users to immerse themselves in popular tv shows, movies, songs and user-generated content. At the same time, Sator technology provides turnkey infrastructure to creators and rightsholders expanding IP to Web3 opportunities.

Free Download: iOS App Store or Google Play App Store

About Sator: Sator is a Web3 Entertainment Network decentralizing value for the global media industry. Built natively on Solana, bridged to Ethereum, Sator token provides utility in popular television, film, music and content metaverses throughout Sator mobile (iOS and Android), desktop and VR segments. Sator dApp empowers non-crypto-natives to collect, display and use NFTs of their favorite TV shows, movies, music and entertainment. Sator technology is the turnkey, scalable Web3 solution chosen by streaming networks, studios, labels and other rights distributors. Rights holders of over 100,000 hours of mainstream content have partnered with Sator to expand large slates into watch-and-earn, P2E, blockchain-based games and NFTs on Sator, all fueled by $SAO.



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Sator is a Web3 media technology company that builds Web3 television infrastructure, NFT-based subscriptions and open world metaverse games. Download Sator app!