NFT Drop: “Diamonds” by Reynaldo Pacheco

“Diamonds” NFT collection by Reynaldo Pacheco just dropped in the Sator NFT marketplace ( 🙌 This NFT collection combines digital and physical art in tribute to a Hollywood icon. Every NFT connects to animation in AR and Pacheco’s matching real world paintings. Utility of Diamonds NFTs also includes exclusive access to Pacheco’s Acting Masterclass in VR plus one-month membership at the Hollywood Academy of Performing Arts. Diamonds NFTs benefit the non-profit Changing Stories.

“What inspired me the most about Diamonds is to develop NFTs that have look and feel of a real painting. You can appreciate the texture and it almost feel that you can touch the thickness of the painting” — Reynaldo Pacheco

After purchasing an NFT, unlock benefits and membership at:

Purchasing an NFT in the Sator NFT marketplace is a simple 5-step process detailed here:



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