Magic Square and Announce Partnership

2 min readDec 10, 2022

Sator Web3 Entertainment Network Listed on Magic Square

NEW YORK, NY, DECEMBER 9, 2022 — Sator, the Web3 streaming network and technology provider to global media companies, today listed their web app on Magic Square, a Web3 app store. Now live on Magic Square, Sator’s web app currently features a Solana-based NFT marketplace and soon incorporates Web3 gaming with NFT embedded utility.

Already topping 180,000 users, Sator being added to Magic Square’s store is expected to increase global consumer acquisitions rates of the Sator app. “Extremely high growth rates are being targeted next year for Sator,” explains Sator President, Chris Martin, “so it’s exciting to note the extra momentum Magic Square can bring to Sator’s ecosystem growth.”

Advisor to Sator, Universal Pictures’ Damien McKay observes, “with major global media companies distributing popular IP across Sator in the form of NFTs, NFT-based games and Web3 streaming, Sator seems poised to lead distribution, infrastructure and media convergence in Web3.”

To celebrate Sator’s listing on Magic Square, the two companies, along with GAINS Associates, will co-host a Twitter Spaces for the community. GAINS put the Magic Square x Sator partnership together.

Co-founder and CEO of GAINS Associates, Alexandre Raffin, comments, “I’m very happy to see Sator listed on Magic Square. It is important that everyone gets access to native Web3 entertainment like Sator on Magic Square’s decentralized App Store. We’re building the future of our society one brick at a time and fun is a key pillar of it.”

About Sator

Sator builds technology infrastructure for streaming VOD content distribution expanding to Web3 at-scale. Sator Network encompasses Sator mobile app (iOS/Android), Sator web app (Magic Square), Sator VR Metaverse and Sator OTT channel. Network transactions utilize the native utility token, $SAO. Sator features NFTs alongside games and streaming entertainment characterized by simple UX/UI for non-crypto-natives such as in-app purchase of NFTs.

About Magic Square

Magic Square is a Discovery & Engagement Platform for the Web3 Crypto Ecosystem. Discover Community-Vetted Apps, Games, CeDeFi, and more in the Web3 App Store, the Magic Store. The Magic Store is a Web3 solution where the community vets, ranks, and prioritizes the apps via a DAO mechanism, with clear earning metrics to incentivize the participation of validators and the engagement of users with the apps. Users can access all of the community vetted content with one click using the MagicID (Decentralized ID). This multi-chain wallet solution aims to become the Web3 alternative to Google or Apple connect.




Sator is a Web3 media technology company that builds Web3 television infrastructure and open world metaverse games. Download Sator app!