How to Purchase Sator NFTs

Sator’s NFT marketplace is a cornerstone of Sator and what we are building. As we onboard new partners and expand our community we will be consistently dropping unique NFTs in our marketplace. We will have several NFT drops every month going forward as we expand and build out these partnerships. Purchasing an NFT in the Sator NFT marketplace is a simple 5-step process detailed below.

Please note, purchases must be made with your Solana-based wallet. Compatible wallets include Phantom, Slope, Solflare, Torus, Ledger, and Sollet. Make sure you have enough $SAO in your wallet to complete the transaction. $SAO can be purchased on UniSwap,, Bancor, and DexLab.

That’s it! Follow those simple steps above and grab yourself some Sator NFTs.



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SATOR is a dApp that aligns the interests of content providers and content viewers over blockchain, providing engagement, staking and series-based NFTs.