Movie Time in the Metaverse

We are excited to have you join us for Movie Night in the Metaverse!

Party date: Friday 7/8/22

Time: 10AM EST

Meet the team, watch Pirates of the Caribbean, networking, and exclusive tour of Sator’s metaverse penthouse! Everyone who attends will receive an airdrop of SAO tokens!

Below are the directions to join us in our virtual penthouse.

Mac download:

PC download:

VR download: Download “AltspaceVR” from VR store

In order to access the Sator virtual penthouse, every guest must create or have a free MSA account (Microsoft account). You cannot use a work, education, or organization email to create a new MSA. If you are creating a new MSA, you must use the following instructions: *if you have an existing MSA account (outlook/hotmail account) you can skip to VR Login walkthrough*

Altspace account creation, step-by-step guide:

1. Visit

2. Enter your existing email address

Reminder: You cannot use a corporate/organization email address, MUST BE A PERSONAL EMAIL (Gmail, yahoo, etc.)

3. Create a password for this new Microsoft account

4. Enter your name

5. Enter your birthday

6. Verify the email address by inputting the security code that was sent to the email account you used.

7. Click on “next” to complete the “I am a human” check.

Congratulations! You have completed the new Microsoft Account (MSA) creation process.

Please remember the email address / password you just created as you will need this information to log into the virtual platform, Altspace!

VR Login Walkthrough:

When you launch the Altspace application, you will need to do the following:

1. Accept terms and conditions

2. Allow sending diagnostic data

3. Welcome Screen — choose “SIGN IN”

4. SELECT “Sign in with Microsoft”

5. You will need to take off your headset and visit login and use the activation code on your headset in order to activate your account on your device.

6. Enter your UNIQUE activation code once you visit the device activation website

7. Sign in with your MICROSOFT account (MSA) email and password as well as confirm the activation code

8. Confirm Altspace permissions

9. Finished! You can now put your headset back on.

At the designated time, you will need to input the world code:

From the main menu, select “Enter Code”

Input World Code: TWH621

Select: “Enter” to enter the world

Click “OK” past the few tutorial basics




-- is a dApp that aligns the interests of content providers and content viewers over blockchain, providing engagement, staking and series-based NFTs.

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SATOR is a dApp that aligns the interests of content providers and content viewers over blockchain, providing engagement, staking and series-based NFTs.

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