Five New Project Chimps NFTs

2 min readJul 3, 2022

Five new Project Chimps NFTs just dropped in the Sator NFT Marketplace ( 🙌 They are all members of Kareem’s family at the Project Chimps sanctuary.

Try collecting the NFTs of the chimps who are best friends with one another, or collect an entire family group.

100% of these non-profit NFTs goes to Project Chimps to care for its chimp residents.

Purchasing an NFT in the Sator NFT marketplace is a simple 5-step process detailed here:

About the chimps:

Harley loves the porch and habitat so much that she is often one of the last chimps to come inside. Harley is the youngest, though not the smallest, member of Kareem’s family group of chimpanzees residing in Project Chimps sanctuary which rescues chimps out of laboratories. Harley’s distinctive brow ridge can make it look like Harley is grumpy, however she loves playing with groupmates Sarah and Amy.

Collin is a huge foodie. During forage (which is how the chimpanzees are served lunch), Collin goes around collecting as much of his favorite food item as he can. The only chimp he allows to take food next to him is LB. Collin has a purple ball on which he likes to sit, especially while caregivers serve him breakfast and dinner.

Loretta is considerate, loyal, patient and playful. Her best friends are Amy and Sarah — the three of them take turns playing with their “babies” (stuffed animal toys).

Sarah enjoys primate stuffed animals that she treats like her babies and carries them on her back. Sarah esteems her best friends, Loretta and Amy. Sarah loves giant sheets of craft paper which, whenever she finds, she collects and rips to pieces for fun!

LB is smart, curious and socially high-ranking. LB delights in solving new puzzles and enrichments. With the exception of always having the back of her best friend, Babs, LB gets along with most everyone in her family group.




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