Apply To Become An AmbasSator

2 min readMay 24, 2022


The Sator Ambassador program was just opened for select individuals to become “AmbasSators,” who are individuals we believe could help promote Sator from within their communities, and to the world. We are very happy with how our amazing ambassadors have been helping Sator grow, and so we are very excited to continue this growth by expanding our AmbasSator team! With so many fantastic applicants in the AmbasSator program debut, we will be accepting more this time and in June. Once applications are submitted and ambassadors are finalized, we will celebrate the milestone of reaching 100 AmbasSators and do an official 100 AmbasSators reveal!

Show the world your talents and apply for the Sator Ambassador Program here:

Together, we will grow #Watch2Earn by creating and sharing Sator initiatives through posts, graphics, videos, and more, and empower consumers and creators to keep their passion alive.

Why should you become an AmbasSator?

  • Use your skills to build and grow a community to support #Watch2Earn
  • Receive monthly rewards of $SAO tokens if all requirements are met
  • Receive Sator swag and other gear
  • Develop connections with members of the internal Sator team
  • Receive special NFTs and other perks

More than just monetary and tangible rewards

“AmbasSators are the link between the Sator and the community, an extension of both sides. You are integral and give the community an invaluable experience when interacting with Sator and its content.” — Sator President, Chris Martin

As we experience further success, we will continue to expand and bring the best AmbasSators with us. In doing so, not only are there monthly rewards, but AmbasSators will be provided with help and guidance along the way from our team, ultimately setting them up for future success and a mutually beneficial relationship!

To apply to become an AmbasSator, make sure to read the rundown and choose a division by clicking HERE!




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